the FRONDhaus fallen palm frond

the FRONDhaus proximity of frond near burbank

the FRONDhaus the red-whiskered bulbul

the FRONDhaus construction process

the FRONDhaus interior lighting condition

the FRONDhaus plan and elevation

the FRONDhaus section

the FRONDhaus section detail of rain chain

the FRONDhaus exploded axonometric of parts

the FRONDhaus the 'birdhaus studio' places top 5

the FRONDhaus final construct: the FRONDhaus

the FRONDhaus
design competition | CONSTRUCT 2010 |
spring 2010 :: co-designer: d. hurtado
1st placement recipient

our client, the pycnonotus jocosus of the pycnonotidae family; otherwise known as the ‘red-whiskered bulbul” is of a unique species of passerine birds, or songbirds. typically found in tropical areas, the bulbul has migrated from asia to relatively similar eco-systems worldwide. such areas include australia, hawaii, florida, and los angeles, california. the bulbul desires a cup-shaped nest which allows for breeding to occur. in order to seek refuge from predators, the bulbul typically builds their nest within enclosed spaces such as thatched walls or bushes. the most commonly materials used for the bulbul consists of large objects such as paper, plastic bags, and bark strips that they bundle tightly together.

competition guidelines were to gather local material while using limiting purchased material for the conception of the birdhouse. to address this, our house exhibited only one material. the palm frond (including bark, stem, leaf). the bark was used as the main fiberous structure